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Our Thoughts Are A Lot Like A Bouquet Of Flowers

Our Thoughts Are A Lot Like A Bouquet Of Flowers

Our thoughts are a lot like a bouquet of flowers. They come in many colors and shapes. Some are positive and are empowering and others are negative and keep us from living our TRUE potential. Would you like to clear your negative thoughts and behaviors that keep you playing small and strengthen your positive thoughts and behaviors?

Receiving a facial is the perfect atmosphere for hypnosis, because relaxation is key. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind, which everyone moves in and out of throughout the day. A light state of hypnosis is when we daydream or are deep in thought. A deep state is when we are so relaxed that we don’t want to move, we know we can but we just feel so relaxed. This is a powerful time to focus on positive change. Tap into your flower power!

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Your Pathway To Inner Bliss!

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