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Peace from with-in is possible!

Peace from with-in is possible!
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Peace from with-in is possible! Imagine enjoying our Euphoria HypnoFacial. Experience a blissful facial while going on a journey in your mind that can enhance your thoughts of Peace & Happiness! Hypnosis is a lot like going on a guided meditation journey. You relax back and the practitioner guides on a journey of imagination. The key with the hypnosis is you move into a proud state of relaxation, the Theta state. The Theta state of consciousness is a powerful state, where your mind receives positive suggestions that can help you make the changes you desire.

We have an array of journeys to choose from. Check to see if your local Spa offers this exciting facial and if they don’t offer the Euphoria HypnoFacials™ refer them to our website  www.HypnoFacials.com so they can be trained and you can have this lovely experience!

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Your Pathway To Inner Bliss!


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