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Improve Your Skin With The HypnoFacials™

Improve Your Skin With The HypnoFacials™
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Do you realize how powerful your subconscious mind is? What you think and feel can affect your skin? We know that you are what you eat; well the same goes for your thoughts and feelings. The mind-body connection is key to healthy skin. 

Stress is the number one cause of disorder and diseases. There has been a lot of information about how damaging the sun is for the skin and now there is new information on how stress can cause acne and aging.

You see, when you are feeling stressed or depressed your body creates the stress hormone, cortisol. This causes the body to become more acidic. When the body is acidic it creates an environment for dis-ease.

The mind is key to wellness! Hypnosis can affect your over all well-being. You can create a peaceful environment mentally, emotional and physically. Each Euphoria HypnoFacials™ journey has a different focus assisting you in creating wellness, happiness and a positive outlook.

Try the Anti-Aging or our Clear Skin HypnoFacial. Whether you are a client or an aesthetician you will enjoy learning more about this new cutting-edge facial!

Making change from the inside out!

When you receive a Euphoria HypnoFacial™ you are accessing your deeper mind as you enjoy a blissful facial.

Change your mind & change your life!

We have an array of journeys to choose from. Check to see if your local Spa offers this exciting facial and if they don’t offer the Euphoria HypnoFacials™ refer them to our website  www.hypnofacials.com so they can be trained and you can have this lovely experience!

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Your Pathway To Inner Bliss!




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